Junk Waffel
Mud Skipper/Sub Strata
COT 001

A1   Mud Skipper (Original)
A2   Mud Skipper (Henry & Louis Steppers Remix)
A3   Mud Skipper (Portishead So-So Remix) (mp3)
B1   Sub Strata (Eat Static Remix) 
B2   Sub Strata (Original) 

Comment: This disc was re-released on Planet Dog as BARK 014T under the name "The Mudskipper EP".
On this release and all others I know, the name of the band and tracknames were written in one word (Junkwaffel, Mudskipper, Substrata)!
The Portishead So-So Remix, has been released on several compilations (eg Triphoprisy 2).